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5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog

Traffic to a blog is like customers to a store or patrons to a restaurant.  No matter how good the food is, without customers it may quickly go out of business.  The same is true in a relative sense in regards to your blog.  You will need traffic, if your intention is to have a second income or to work from home full time as a blogger.
This is where promotion will come into play.  There are numerous ways for you to be able to do this.  From paid advertising, link exchanges, to article submission and so much more.  Patience is also needed as well, especially if your blog is brand new.  It will take time for you to reach your audience but when you do, you will want to keep your audience engaged by writing quality content regularly according to your own schedule.  Here are some easy ways to promote your blog or website that I have used and implicated myself that have proved to be very effective.
  1. YouTube - There are plenty of video submission sites but YouTube has given me the most results and promotion for my blogs and that is why I included it first.  Some fun facts about YouTube is so vital in promoting your blog.  YouTube gets over 1 Billion unique visitors to their site every month and according to Nielsen, they are able to reach more adults 18-34 than any cable network.  These stats alone validate why someone would want to start their very own YouTube channel to promote their site and get directly in front of their audience.
  2. Writing an Ebook - This is an excellent way to promote your blog for life!  Literally.  Createspace is a great free tool that will design, arrange, set up, and publish your ebook to sell on Amazon, Createspace's stores, and many other worldwide channels.  You can put a link to your blog in your ebook and promote your site to every reader and buyer of your book and earn money for the sales of your book in the process.  This is another guaranteed way to promote your blog with no cost to you.
  3.  Social Media - Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Reddit, and other social media networks to your advantage and promote your blog.  You want to use this at your discretion because your main purpose for social media is to connect with your followers and build up a relationship with them.  If your blog has valuable content, they will  automatically do this for you.  They will share your blog, articles, posts, etc. with their friends, family, and others.  If you constantly promote your blog or try to sell them things all the time, your audience may get turned off.  
  4. Fiverr - Use Fiverr to promote your blog.  There are so many ways for you to do this on Fiverr through video testimonials, radio advertising, graphics and images, and more!  The best part is that it only costs $5 and sometimes a little more if you want add ons.
  5. Business Cards/Flyers - This is the traditional way of promoting your blog but can prove to be very effective as well.  You can put up flyers just about anywhere in your neighborhood, on grocery store bulletin boards, distribute in random places while you are traveling and anywhere else that you can think of or any area that gets a lot of traffic.  If you have a work at home blog, you could leave your business cards in the unemployment office or at other government offices.  Vista Print makes this very easy because they have 250 FREE Business Cards. Customize and Order online in minutes!    I have used Vista Print before and the cards were even better than I expected.  Very professional looking.
I am sure you can think of so many more but I just listed a few that I have tried and have worked for me.  What are your favorite ways to promote your blog?  Leave me your comments below.

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